19th International Symposium on Computer Architecture
and High Performance Computing

SBAC-PAD 2007 Awards

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The SBAC-PAD Conference Program is available. Print version available here.

SBAC-PAD 2007 Workshops

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Parallel Programming:

You can check the updated rules and awards of the Marathon and the already started Open Contest. In order to submit your proposal for the Open Contest, click here.

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Previous Editions:

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Transfers between the Salgado Filho International Airport and the Serra Azul Hotel, at Gramado, will be made by the travel agency Brocker Turismo. The SBAC-PAD 2007 Organizing Committee has negociated special fees for the conference attendees. Please read carefully all the information below in order to obtain the transfer and the special fees.

Reservation is done directly with the travel agency. The reservation form bellow can be used to send an e-mail to the person in charge (a copy will also be sent to you). After sending the form, you have to wait an answer from the agency, confirming the reservation. If you do not receive this e-mail, contact the company through the e-mail and telephones below.

Brocker Turismo is present at the Salgado Filho Airport, in the arrivals levels, store 17. If you do not get contacted when leaving the restricted area, please proceed to their store, give mention to SBAC-PAD and your reservation.


Note: All payments are done directly to the travel agency, when you use their services. For payments options, contact them.


  • Brocker Turismo
    • Ana Paula - anapaula@brockerturismo.com.br
    • Web site: http://www.brockerturismo.com.br
    • Telephone at Gramado: +55 54 3282 5400
    • Telephone at Salgado Filho Airport: +55 51 3358 2254

Reservation Form

Important note: The fields of arrival and departure are optional. So, if you want to make a reservation only from the Airport to Gramado, leave the departure fields blank. Only from Gramado to Airport, leave arrival fields blank.

Personal info



Salgado Filho Airport to Serra Azul Hotel

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Serra Azul Hotel to Salgado Filho Airport

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