19th International Symposium on Computer Architecture
and High Performance Computing

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NEC Award


The result of the NEC Award is available here.


NEC DO BRASIL shall grant NEC AWARDS to the authors of the best paper in the area of HPC System Application, submitted at 2007 SYMPOSIUM ON COMPUTER ARCHITECTURE AND HIGH PERFORMANCE COMPUTING (SBAC-PAD/2007), selected upon following criteria:

Contest Rules

  • It shall be considered to the selection all the papers which are classified by the Program Committee, as been in the area of HPC System Application;
  • The papers shall be evaluated by three examiners and shall be selected to the award, the paper which obtains the highest total in the final grade from the three examiners.
  • The amount, in Reais, regarding the Awards, shall be nominally attributed to the first author of the selected paper, who shall receive and sign due receipt.
  • If the selected paper has more than one author, the distribution of the awards shall be authors' responsitility, conditioned to criteria established and agreed by and among the authors.
  • NEC do Brasil is exempted from any responsibility for the choice of the winner paper;
  • This award refers solely to the winner paper, and does not impute to NEC do Brasil, nor to any of its affiliated companies, the obligation of contracting the winner author(s), under no justification, nor in using its paper as any type of labor bond of union, with no further future reward, but only the present and exclusive reward, with the autor(s) of the winner paper.
  • The amount of the award is of R$ 6.000,00 (six thousands reais) (out from this amount, it shall be applied a 25% discount for Taxes purposes.)
  • The applicants authorize NEC and SBC to make public the contest, the name and qualification of its participants, the classification and the award in WRITTEN ARTICLES AND REPORTS, PICTURES etc.

Contact Information

If you have any question about the NEC Award, contact us at sbac2007-l@inf.ufrgs.br.

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