19th International Symposium on Computer Architecture
and High Performance Computing

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Open Contest Proposal Submission

Through the form below, you have to provide your source code, with a Makefile, as a unique tar.gz file (max size is 1024 Kbytes). In order to participate in the contest process, the tar file must be sent before Sunday, 21st of October, 23h00 (Brazilian time, GMT-3). If your tar.gz file is greater than the specified max size, send an e-mail to the organizers, through the contacts in the end of this page.

The tar bundle should include all the necessary source code: no pre-compiled binary code is allowed. Your Makefile should include a target called 'run', to set-up and run your parallel program (for instance by invoking 'mpirun'). A README file should give the necessary details, if any, such as environment variables to be set.

Note: In the case that you already sent your proposal and you did an updated to it, you can send it again. The last proposal received for each participant will be considered.

Max file size: 1024 KBytes
Filename suggestion: FirstName-LastName.tar.gz
Tip:: Do not use any '.' in the filename except for the extension

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More Information

  • Nicolas Maillard (UFRGS) - nicolas@inf.ufrgs.br
  • Benhur Stein (UFSM) - benhur@inf.ufsm.br
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