19th International Symposium on Computer Architecture
and High Performance Computing

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SBAC-PAD 20 years October 24-27, 2007
Serra Azul Hotel
Gramado, RS, Brazil

SBAC-PAD is an annual international conference series, the first of which was held 20 years ago, in 1987. Each conference has traditionally presented new developments and high performance applications, as well as the latest trends in computer architecture and parallel and distributed technologies. This year, the symposium returns to Gramado, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.

The conference will be held at the Hotel "Serra Azul", located in the heart of downtown Gramado and within walking distance of the main tourist attractions. The "Serra Azul" has a long tradition of hosting international events and will provide all necessary amenities to the conference attendees and their guests.

SBAC-PAD 2007 is co-sponsored by the Brazilian Computer Society, the IEEE Computer Society through the Technical Committees on Computer Architecture (TCCA) and Scalable Computing (TCSC), and IFIP.

Final Program:

The print version of SBAC-PAD 2007 program is available here to download. It compreends the program of the SBAC 2007 itself, all the workshops and marathon programming. It has a map of the conference rooms in the Serra Azul hotel and the wireless LAN and password to access the web with no charge during the event.

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