19th International Symposium on Computer Architecture
and High Performance Computing

SBAC-PAD 2007 Awards

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The SBAC-PAD Conference Program is available. Print version available here.

SBAC-PAD 2007 Workshops

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Parallel Programming:

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Previous Editions:

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Call for Workshop Proposals

Proposals for workshops are invited for affiliation with SBAC-PAD 2007. The purpose of these workshops is to create a forum for discussing themes that not only are associated with the conference topics, but also promote the integration with other research areas. The workshops may also serve as a platform for presenting novel ideas in a less formal and possibly more focused way than the symposium itself. As such, they also offer a good opportunity for young researchers to present their work and to obtain feedback from an interested community. The format of each workshop is to be determined by the organizers, but it is expected that they contain significant time for general discussion.

Workshops may be held in Portuguese or English and may have a duration of half day or full day. The number of attendees per workshop is subject to the availability of meeting rooms. All workshop attendees must be registered to SBAC-PAD.

The SBAC-PAD organizers will be responsible for the logistics of the workshops, including projection and computational resources. The meeting rooms capacity range from 60 to 200 persons. The workshop organizers will be responsible for publishing the electronic proceedings in a workshop Web page that contains all accepted paper in PDF format. The SBAC-PAD organization will also publish the electronic proceedings in CD. Any additional costs, such as travel and lodging for invited speakers are workshop organizers responsibility. The workshops will be held in Gramado, RS, Brazil.

Proposal Submission

Researchers and practitioners who are interested in submitting proposals must send mail to the address sbac2007-l@inf.ufrgs.br. Please look forward for a confirmation message, which assures you that your submission has been received.

The submission message should have the following format:
Message subject: "Workshop Proposal to SBAC-PAD"
Message Body: link to the proposal Web page.
Message signature: proponent

Web Page Recommended Format

There is not a format for the Web page, but we recommend this:

a) Proposed workshop denomination.
b) Description of workshop focus, justifying its relevance.
c) Workshop history, if it is not the first edition.
d) Topics of interest.
e) Workshop format, including duration (half day, full day).
f) Expected audience, including the maximum number of attendees.
g) Submission process.
h) Program committee.
i) Equipment necessary.
j) Contact information.
k) Link to coodinator CV.

Important Dates

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Workshops Organizing Committee

  • Adenauer Yamin (UCPEL, Brazil)
  • Gerson G. H. Cavalheiro (UFPEL, Brazil)
  • Nicolas Maillard (UFRGS, Brazil)
  • Philippe Olivier Alexandre Navaux (UFRGS, Brazil)
  • Vinod Rebello (UFF, Brazil)
  • Wagner Meira (UFMG, Brazil)
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