SBAC-PAD 2010 Technical Program


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The SBAC-PAD Proceedings can be accessed and downloaded by the wireless network with SSID PROCEEDINGS-SBAC-PAD-2010 and through your web browser.
SATURDAY, October 30, 2010
08:30 10:30 Session 8: Tools and Strategies for Parallel and Distributed Programming
A Clock Synchronization Strategy for Minimizing Clock Variance at Runtime in High-End Computing Environments
Terry Jones and G. A. Koenig
BatchQueue: Fast and Memory-Thrifty Core to Core Communication
Thomas Preudhomme, J. Sopena, G. Thomas, and B. Folliot
Using Support Vector Machines to Learn How to Compile a Method
Ricardo Nabinger Sanchez, J. N. Amaral, D. Szafron, M. Pirvu, and M. Stoodley
Dynamic Teams in OpenMP
Jan H. Schonherr, J. Richling, and Hans-Ulrich HeiB
10:30 Break
11:00 Industrial Talk Google: Walfredo Cirne
Managing Descheduling Risk in the Google Cloud
11:40 Closing
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