SBAC-PAD 2010 Technical Program


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FRIDAY, October 29, 2010
09:00 10:30 Session 5: Grid and Peer-to-Peer Systems
Achieving Fault Tolerance on Grids with the CPPC Framework and the GridWay Metascheduler
Iván Cores, G. Rodríguez, M. J. Martín, and P. González
Towards a Peer-to-Peer Framework for Parallel and Distributed Computing
Luciano José, S. M. A. de Souza, and D. C. Foltran Jr.
On the Worst Case of Scheduling with Task Replication on Computational Grids
Eduardo C. Xavier and R. R. S. Peixoto
10:30 Break
11:00 12:00 Keynote 3: Raffaele Tripiccione
Matching algorithms and architectures: application-driven machines for computational physics
12:00 Industrial Talk BULL: Ronan Marques
Bull solution for your Extreme Computing High performance Computing needs - Exascale Vision
12:40 Lunch
14:30 16:30 Session 6: Parallel Algorithms and Applications
Session chair: Jairo Panetta, National Institute for Space Research (INPE), Brazil
Distributed Evidence Propagation in Junction Trees
Yinglong Xia and V. K. Prasanna
Parallel Linear Octree Meshing with Immersed Surfaces
Jose J. Camata and A. L. G. A. Coutinho
Accelerating Computational Fluid Dynamics on the IBM Blue Gene/P Supercomputer
Pascal Vezolle, J. Heyman, B. D'Amora, G. Braudaway, K. Magerlein, J. Magerlein, and Y. Fournier
Performance Issues for Parallel Implementations of Bootstrap Simulation Algorithm
Ricardo M. Czekster, P. Fernandes, A. Sales, and T. Webber
16:30 Break
17:00 19:00 Session 7: Modeling, Benchmarking and Performance Evaluation
An Analytical Model on the Execution of Transactional Memory
Xiao Yu, Z. He, and B. Hong
Simultaneous Evaluation of Multiple I/O Strategies
Pilar González-Férez, J. Piernas, and T. Cortes
Analyzing Cache Coherence Protocols for Server Consolidation
Antonio García-Guirado, R. Fernández-Pascual, and J. M. García
Impact of I/O Coordination on a NFS-Based Parallel File System with Dynamic Reconfiguration
Rodrigo Virote Kassick, F. Z. Boito, P. O. A. Navaux
19:00 SBAC Meeting and Cocktail
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