Local Information

Petrópolis, also nown as The Imperial City of Brazil, is a town in the state of Rio de Janeiro, about 60 km from the state's capital. Population: about 256.000. Altitude: 830 meters (2750 feet) above sea level.

Nested among the forested hills of the Serra dos Órgãos in the valley of the Quitandinha and Piabanha rivers, Petrópolis is a popular summer holiday. Besides the climate and surroundings, the main attraction is the former Summer Palace of the Brazilian Emperors, which is now a Museum, specialized in Imperial history and memorabilia.

Airport to Conference Hotel Transfers

The closest international airport to the Conference Hotel is the Aeroporto Internacional Antonio Carlos Jobim GALEÃO at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

By car, it usually takes one hour from this airport to Petrópolis.

We will be providing more transfer information in few days.


The metal and glass components of the Palace were manufactured in 1879 in Saint-Saveur-les-Arras, France. That kind of building was popular in Europe after the Industrial Revolution. In 1888, four years after opening, Princess Isabel held a spectacular party here. At that historical event, she granted freedom to several slaves, and that was a prelude to her signing, a few months later, the law which abolished slavery in Brazil.

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