SBAC - PAD 2009

21st International Symposium on Computer Architecture and High Performance Computing

Sao Paulo, Brazil, October 28-31, 2009


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Accepted Papers

 * "Exploiting computational resources in distributed heterogeneous
, George Teodoro, Rafael Oliveira, Daniel Fireman, Dorgival
Guedes, Renato Ferreira

 * "Parallel LDPC Decoding on a Network-on-Chip Based Multiprocessor
, Wen-Hsiang Hu, Nader Bagherzadeh

 * "Composite Confidence Estimators for Enhanced Speculation Control",
Daniel Jimenez

 * "The Performance of a Bare Machine Email Server", George Ford,
Ramesh Karne, Alexander Wijesinha, Patrick Appiah-Kubi

 * "Finite Element nodal approach for parallel processing of Non linear
Shell analysis"
, Celia Kawabata, Masaki Kawabata Neto, Humberto Breves
Coda, Wilson Sergio Venturini

 * "Thread to Core Assignment in SMT On-Chip Multiprocessors", Carmelo
Acosta, Francisco Cazorla, Alex Ramirez, Mateo Valero

 * "TMT - A TLB Tag Management Framework for Virtualized Platforms",
Girish Venkatasubramanian, Renato Figueiredo, Ramesh Illikkal, Donald

 * "LALP: A Novel Language to Program Custom FPGA-based Accelerator
, Ricardo Menotti, Joao Manuel Paiva Cardoso, Marcio
Fernandes, Eduardo Marques

 * "Analysis of performance dependencies in NUCA-based CMP systems",
Pierfrancesco Foglia, Francesco Panicucci, Cosimo Prete, Marco Solinas

 * "Accelerating Kirchhoff Migration by CPU and GPU Cooperation", Jairo
Panetta, Thiago Teixeira, Paulo R. P. de Souza Filho, Carlos A. da
Cunha Filho, Fernando M. Roxo da Mota, Silvio Sinedino Pinheiro

 * "Irregular Grid Raycasting Implementation on the Cell Broadband
, Guilherme Cox, Andre Maximo, Cristiana Bentes, Ricardo Farias

 * "Profiling General Purpose GPU Applications", Bruno Coutinho, George
Teodoro, Rafael Oliveira, Dorgival Guedes, Renato Ferreira

 * "The Design and Implementation of Brain Fiber Tracking Parallel
Applications for Multi-clusters"
, Adiel Mittmann, Mario Dantas, Aldo

 * "A Paradigm Change: From Performance Monitoring to Performance
, Luiz DeRose, Heidi Poxon

 * "Massively Parallel Nearest Neighbor Queries on the GPU", Pedro
Leite, Joao Marcelo Teixeira, Thiago Farias, Veronica Teichrieb,
Judith Kelner

 * "A Performance Comparative Study about Ray Tracing Implementations
on Massive Multiprocessors"
, Artur Santos, Joao Marcelo Teixeira,
Thiago Farias, Veronica Teichrieb, Judith Kelner

 * "Sparc16: A new compression approach for SPARC architecture",
Rodolfo Azevedo, Ricardo Pannain, Bruno Lopes, Leonardo Ecco, Eduardo
Xavier, Paulo Centoducatte

 * "Application of Coloured Petri Net For Performance and Energy
Consumption Evaluation of Embedded Systems"
, Bruno Nogueira, Paulo

 * "Memory Affinity for Hierarchical Shared Memory Multiprocessors",
Christiane Ribeiro, Jean-Francois Mehaut, Alexandre Carissimi,
Marcio Castro, Luiz Gustavo Leao Fernandes

 * "Visual Mapping of Program Components to Resources Representation: a
3D Analysis of Grid Parallel Applications"
, Lucas Schnorr, Guillaume
Huard, Philippe Navaux

 * "An Adaptive Mechanism for Fair Sharing of Storage Resources", Chao
Jin, Rajkumar Buyya


Contact: sbac2009