Local Information

Map from the airport to the Conference Hotel

(~7km: R$20,00 taxi ride)

Airport to Radisson Hotel

Conference's local map

Conference's local map

Veune's Neighborhood - restaurants, etc.

Veune's Neighborhood

Nightlife region - restaurants, etc.

Nightlife region

Map from the Conference Hotel to the Conference Dinner Venue

(~300m: five minutes walk)

Radisson Hotel to Itamaraty

The city of Vitória has completed 460 this September 8th

Flight time to Vitória

  • Rio de Janeiro - 45min (direct flight)
  • São Paulo - 1h25min (direct flight)
  • Belo Horizonte - 45min (direct flight)
  • Brasília - 2h10min (direct flight)
  • Salvador - 1h30min (direct flight)

Road Distance to Vitória

  • Rio de Janeiro - 521 Km / 323.73 miles
  • São Paulo - 822 Km / 510.77 miles
  • Belo Horizonte - 524 Km / 325.6 miles
  • Bras&oicute;lia - 1239 Km / 769.88 miles
  • Salvador - 1202 Km / 746.89 miles

Knowing Vitória

  • Founding: September 8th, 1551
  • Location: Espírito Santo, Southeast Region
  • Population: 320.000 inhabitants
  • Population of Metropolitan Region: 1.86 million inhabitants
  • Area: 93,38 Km2
  • Economic Activity: Foreign Trade services
  • Climate: Tropical Humid
  • Annual Average Temperature: Max. 34,4oC and Min. 24,4oC
  • Height: 12m
  • Currency: Real
  • Language: Portuguese
  • Airport: Eurico de Aguiar Sales, domestic flights

Vitória, as beautiful as ever

Vitória is the second oldest capital in Brazil, a cradle of traditions which are fully harmonized with the city's development. The 93,38-square-kilometer territory is comprehended by an archipelago of 34 islands. The city was founded in 1551 and it is home to 320 thousand inhabitants. Its secular monuments delight visitors an inhabitants, as well as its modern urban projects that enrich even more the city natural landscapes and assure more quality of life to everyone.

History, traditions and flavors

Vitória has been modernized without losing sight of the marks of its historical background. The traditions of the island's fishermen and clay pots craftswomen are kept alive, and the urban landscape preserves secular buildings and monuments, connecting past and present in the same scenario. Its gastronomy is traditional as well. Fish, shrimps and crabs, prepared in clay pots, are the basic ingredients of the Capixaba fish stew and pie, Vitória's main gastronomical references.

The city that even the sea has embraced

Surrounded by a clear and navigable sea, Vitória is the perfect destination for those who like water sports and cruises. Its welcoming port provides to the visitors, who arrive by ship, a beautiful view of the city. Camburi beach, famous for its calm sea, by a steady northeast wind and a wide lane, attracts sailors form the whole country. The rides by the bay and the around the mangroves are options for getting even closer to nature. Vitoria is also internationally known by the fishing lovers.

Welcoming city

Vitória is lighten up by the sun that shines upon its clear-water bay and unveils calm and cozy beaches, ready to welcome both residents and visitors. And when night falls, the joy of the city is revealed in pretty charming bars, coffee houses and nightclubs, where there will always be a smile and a friendly word to new-comers. Vitória also offers varied and sophisticated stores, capable to satisfy the most picky customers.

Come near nature

Parks, squares, gardens and mangroves green the whole city of Vitória. The island has areas of the Atlantic Forest and complex ecosystems, such as mangroves, which are preserved along with the growing of the city. Quiet places for leisure and environmental preservation areas ensure quality of life to the population and contribute to the environmental balance of the city.

An island of business and opportunities

Vitória has a privileged location, therefore, the city has been investing in its vocation for business and event tourism. Vitória is strategically located in the middle of four of the most important States of Brazil, which are bounded together by its modern infrastructure, large hotels chains, and a great and diversified gastronomy. Those characteristics bring to Vitória prominent opportunities for business, events, and international fairs.

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