Conference Photos - Conference room and awards

These pictures show the opening session, awards and closing remarks of the SBAC-PAD 2004. They were taken during the first and the last day of the event.

Mr. Pasin and Mr. Ronaldo, Program Chairs of parallel event WSCAD, during the opening session in first day.

Mr. Gaudiot, Mr. Song and Mr. Navaux during the opening session.

The conference room of SBAC-PAD 2004.

Mr. Gaudiot delivering the best paper award to the authors of the best paper of SBAC-PAD 2004.

Ms. Fernanda from NEC delivering the NEC Award.

A gift for the best paper of SBCA-PAD 2004. It's a fossilyzed tree from Rio Grande do Sul, southern state of Brazil.

Mr. Pasin during the opening session of SBAC-PAD 2004.

Mr. Ronaldo and Mr. Pasin delivering the best paper award of WSCAD 2004.

Closing remarks of SBAC-PAD 2004.