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Iguassu National Park
The videos below show the Iguassu Falls from a close perspective. During the event, the agenda includes a walk over the Iguassu Park to visit the incredible waterfalls and the noise of water.
About these waterfalls Mrs Trumann (The Mrs Trumann of US Presidential wife fame) is reported to have said "poor Niagara".


Itaipu Binacional
Foz do Iguaçu is also known for the presence of the greatest Hydroelectric Power Plant of the world. It is a binacional enterprise jointly developed by Brazil and Paraguay in the Paraná River. The installed power plant is 12,600 megawats. The agenda of the event includes a visit to the power plant. Click the pictures below to see them in full size. These pictures were taken from the Itaipu Official Web Site in the link below.


Last picture shows the Itaipu Power Plant seen from space. This picture was taken by the Ikonos Satellite.

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