Espírito Santo is one of the smallest state of Brazil. Nevertheless, it is almost the size of Portugal. But some details make it a wonderful piece of Brazil, loved by all its inhabitants and tourists. The best places of the state: beaches and more beaches in the way of the sun, mountains and nice cities and villas.

Vitória is a warmth and sunny tourist island very close to the continent. It is the capital of the state of Espírito Santo, which is located in the northern frontier of the state of Rio de Janeiro. Vitória's location, climate and tourist attractions present a unique combination allowing one to foresee it as a clear SBAC holding success and a memorable experience for the conference delegates and attendees.

Thanks to its proximity to other important Brazilian's capitals, such as Rio de Janeiro (50 minutes flight) and São Paulo (1:20 hour flight), attractive surroundings and tourist infrastructure, Vitória regularly holds major technical conferences. An IFIP/IEEE sponsored event has been held in Vitória in 1994 (IEEE/IFIP International Conference on Balanced Automation Systems - BASYS-95) and many important Brazilian conferences have been organized in Vitória since 1990 (X Congress of the Brazilian Computer Society - SBC-90, IX Brazilian Congress of Automatics - SBA-92, XLVI Annual Meeting of the Brazilian Society for the Progress of Science - SBPC-94, XVII National Congress on Computational and Applied Mathematics - CNMAC-94, III Brazilin Symposium on Intelligent Automation - SBAI-97, XVII Brazilian Symposium on Telecommunications - SBT-99). In all these events, UFES faculty members provided key participation and/or coordination thanks to the resources available to them at UFES main campus. The record participation in an event in Vitória has been set by SBPC-94, which had more than 5.000 attendees. Major symposiums gather on average 300 to 400 attendees, with plenty of hotel options available.

Vitória's airport is less than 10 kilometers away from UFES and several hotels, offering researchers the possibility to stop over, visit, or give seminars at the campus UFES main campus. Vitória's proximity to Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo also allows researchers to visit other important Brazilian Universities, such as the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and University of São Paulo.

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